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Hi! My name is Sylwia Gorajek. I am an entrepreneur and media producer, madly in love with startup world and Silicon Valley. I moved to SV from Poland in 2012 to open a video production studio, soon after I co-founded a startup – a hyper local messenger, backed by Netflix co-founder Mitch Lowe. Today I am sharing stories of Silicon Valley startup founders, running a lifestyle blog about life in California, producing top notch videos for startups and businesses, and actively participating in startup life (my second half has his own startup UnStock that graduated from AngelPad – no.1 startup accelerator by Forbes).

At Valley Talks, we’re on a journey to really find out how founders start and grow their businesses in Silicon Valley, how their life really looks like and what their next steps are going to be.

By watching the interviews you will finally have a chance to discover all the little details everyone misses to ask, such as how founders network, where they fundraise, what’s their hiring strategy, how they get first customers and their advice for current aspiring entrepreneurs.

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