[S3,E6] The do’s and don’ts in blockchain marketing! – Jesse Ratner, Founder of The Blockchain Agency

Although blockchain has existed for several years, only recently it has become a widely popular technology. Some companies have adopted it really well, some have tried and gave up, some have only pretended to. There is still definitely a lot to be done in terms of education as well as creating a sense of familiarity with the blockchain concept.

My today’s guest, Jesse Ratner, is a founder of San Francisco-based The Blockchain Agency and a nearly 25-year veteran creative director and writer. He began his career writing taglines for Hollywood blockbusters and later he was leading creative copies for brands like Google, Uber, eBay, LinkedIn, Logitech and others. Today, Jesse is helping high growth blockchain companies properly navigate their stories.

– What should blockchain companies remember about in the first place in their marketing?
– How to stand out in the crowd while almost all blockchain companies market themselves as ‘decentralized’?
– How to gain the audience’s trust and be well understood?
– Why all blockchain explainer videos are so similar and how to make sure to differentiate the video assets?

Watch the brand new episode to find out!

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