[S3,E2] “Be willing to listen to feedback” – How does Sumo Logic navigate targeting different B2B audiences?

Sumo Logic is a sophisticated data analytics software — a cloud-native service for monitoring and securing tech apps — with a very human approach. They launched in 2010 in Silicon Valley and so far have raised over $230M in Series F. They doubled in size in 2018 alone! Companies like Airbnb, Adobe, Samsung, Toyota and many others from Fortune 500 are using their services for real-time data analytics and insights. In their recent campaign, they chose to use fun cartoons to attract their technical audiences (such as DevOps engineers and Security Analysts) working at these high-growth companies. How cool is that! Promoting a SAS product with fun cartoons is definitely a bold move, one that you don’t see much on the B2B market.

In this episode, you’ll see a fun new touch — snippets from Sumo Logic's cartoons, which our host Sylvia and her team at Denim Video produced together with Sumo Logic.

Watch the episode and learn about some of the golden rules in creating marketing content!

We love the concept and the humor they decided to go for, that’s why Sumo Logic and Sylvia’s team at Denim Video partnered to produce their animated commercials! Yup, they’ve been working together for almost a year now. You’ll see the snippets of the cartoon videos in the talk and you can watch the full videos here:
Don’t Fly Blind
DevOps Redemption
Miles Ahead in the Cloud

— How does Sumo Logic navigate branding in huge B2B cloud space?
— What branding hacks do they use so as to grab attention and differentiate themselves in the crowded market?
— What are some of the golden rules they go by in creating marketing content?
— How do they make sure all of their messaging sticks to the core brand values?

Sylvia is sitting down with Ben Newton, Director of Product Marketing at Sumo Logic. Watch the full episode on Facebook!

Talk show production by Denim Video
Thank you to DocuSign for hosting us in their fabulous space in San Francisco!

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