[S3,E4] Choosing positive vs. negative marketing when fighting fake news – Nicolas Maquaire launches Kloop after a successful exit to Salesforce

Kloop [Knowledge Loop] is a news curation app that allows digging deeper into articles to get a full picture on a topic of interest. With Klopp, users get automated suggestions of what to read next and they can easily share their curated channels with friends and family. It launched in 2017 and earlier this year it became an app of the week by Forbes!

The startup is co-founded by Nicolas Maquaire – serial entrepreneur with major success of selling his prior startup to Salesforce.

Sylvia and Nicolas worked closely on Kloop’s launch commercials – you’ll see the snippets in the intro and here are the full versions!

Video 2

— Why did Nicolas decide to go for positive vs. negative marketing?
— How important is video storytelling in forming a brand?
— How to choose the most important facts for the launch campaign?
— How to navigate messaging when you’re targeting different audiences?

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