[S2,E5] From almost failed startup to a successful acquisition by Shopify – Michael Perry, founder of chatbot KIT

From almost failed startup to a successful acquisition by Shopify

There's this old saying that: 'An overnight success takes seven years.' – watch the new episode with Michael Perry and learn about his journey from almost failed startup to a successful acquisition by Shopify. We're talking bots, automated marketing, tough times, aha moments and negotiating acquisition deals. Subscribe to VT at http://eepurl.com/cdaO9f to get the unreleased footage!

Posted by Valley Talks on Thursday, June 15, 2017

A few years back Michael founded KIT – a virtual marketing assistant that helps small businesses with marketing their products on social media. Before KIT, he also worked on a few startups but as he admits, each time he was solving the wrong problem. And even when he was at the forefront of bot technology, he couldn’t sell the vision and get funding. He struggled for several years to the point that his electricity was shut off. His wife worked two jobs as a research for UCSF and a waitress to support them. The pressure was so high, but they both wouldn’t give up.

Finally, the aha moment came after he got an inspiration from… his grandmother! KIT’s user base skyrocketed and it didn’t take long until KIT was acquired by Shopify.

How did it all happen? How do you get successfully acquired by e-commerce giant while a second ago your business was barely on the surface? Watch the episode to find out!

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