[S1,E13] “Broadcast TV must become more social and they still don’t get it” – Adryenn Ashley builds crowdfunding platform for TV Shows

Adryenn Ashley is a movie and TV Producer, social media influencer (200K total followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and founder of CrowdedTV – a crowdfunding platform for reality TV, movies and talk shows. It is pretty much like Kickstarter for shows that aim to be broadcasted on TV.

Adryenn decided to build the platform, in order for TV productions be easier and more independently funded than via traditional ways, which often act against the interest of producers. With CrowdedTV people can back shows not only with money, but also with their social media profiles, so that producers will know what type of audience is interested in watching their show.

Why TV industry is so much behind with implementing the social aspect of their audience and why is it so important? What’s the hardest part in getting a show broadcasted on TV? How did Adryenn gain nearly 200K social media followers? What does she mean by saying that she was doing online marketing even before the internet was born? How did she build the platform, how did she get the first projects on CrowdedTV and how is she growing her user base? Is she looking for investors and what would she spend the first money on?

Watch the interview, learn lots of incredible insights about TV industry and learn why Adryenn takes matters into her own hands!

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Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • It’s much harder to produce a TV show than an independent movie:

    “Traditional way of getting a TV Show produced means a lot of pitching, it’s a lot of no’s, it’s a lot of door knocking, it’s a lot of no’s… With movies, there is this established path, where you can independently produce, get investors, do the festival circuit (…) Television is this very closed system where you have to know somebody to know somebody to maybe get in…”

  • Having a show produced by a TV channel means actually giving away all the control:

    “They will own your show. And if they decide they don’t want to do it anymore, they can kill it. Just imagine, that’s your heart, that’s what you have been working on and thinking about for ever. And then all of a sudden – it’s gone.”

  • CrowdedTV helps to finance TV shows thanks to gathering social media data before the show is even produced, which is a very interesting aspect for sponsors:

    “CrowdedTV is a different way of doing business, since most of the money is not in the broadcast. Most of the money is in mobile. Mobile video is on fire.”

  • When asked when she has the time to be so active on social media, Adryenn answers back with questions:

    “When you’re sitting on a toilet, what are you doing? Are you reading a magazine, or are you scanning your facebook?”

  • Adryenn has done a lot of discussions on social media on important social aspects:

    “I taught my audience that it’s ok to disagree with me as long as you are respectful, logical, factual, smart and hopefully funny. You absolutely can disagree with me and you may even change my mind.”

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