[S3,E1] The Roots of the Apple Brand with one of the first employees and Steve Jobs’ college friend, Daniel Kottke

In this first episode of the new season on STARTUP BRANDING, we travel in time to a place where computer history was made and the idea of innovative was born.

Hold tight, as Daniel Kottke – Steve Jobs’ college friend and the first employee to work in Apple’s garage, takes us way back to an apple farm in 1975 where the genesis of the Apple brand was first imagined! He shares unbelievable stories from the early days of Apple I and Macintosh while divulging insights into his humble beginnings in Jobs’ family garage in Los Altos. As both an innovator and marketing genius, Jobs wanted to create a brand that was simplistic and functional, not unlike the sunny, organic fruit that the two friends had been fasting on for a week.

Over the past 40 years Kottke has witnessed the transformation of the branding landscape and he is like all of us, still in awe of the Apple journey and how far it has traveled to take root in our consumer lives!

– How did Apple become the most reliable and recognizable brand?
– How come Daniel was the only one working in a garage?
– In what ways did the Macintosh brand evolution set standards in marketing and branding?
– What is Daniel’s takeaway from his early days with Apple?
– What is his tried and true advice for start-up entrepreneurs looking to sell a product?

Watch the full episode about the 40-year surreal journey!

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Writing contributor: Jenni Nonaca
Talk show production by Denim Video
Thank you to DocuSign for hosting us in their fabulous space in San Francisco!

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