[S2,E1] Getting hired through playing games. How Scoutible became a revolutionary hiring platform backed by Mark Cuban?

46% of hires fail. That’s shocking! Angela Antony took up the mission of disrupting the recruiting processes and built Scoutible – a next-generation hiring platform using immersive video games to source and match perfect-fit candidates to jobs. Before the product was even launched, she and her team got invited to TechCrunch Disrupt. A few months later, they won the G-Startup Worldwide competition, defeating 700 companies from 10 countries!

But Scoutible wasn’t built in a day. It actually took years of research for Angela to really learn about the problem. Firstly, she wanted to write a book to raise awareness and encourage others to fix the market. Soon, she got convinced that she is the only and best person to do it. The advice came from Mark Cuban – the well known investor and Shark Tank judge – himself!

Highlights from the interview:

How playing games may speak for the candidate’s skills? 00:50
Working at the White House 6:43
The story of Mark Cuban investing in Scoutible 7:50
How studying on Harvard helps in starting own business? 10:15
First steps 11:30
Building the team 12:26
Perfecting your pitch and speaking in public 16:55
Raising venture funding 19:48
Angela’s best advice to startup founders 20:55
What’s coming up for Scoutible? 23:27

Lovely shout out to our partners! The show is produced by Denim Video in fabulous co-working space SOMAcentral. Thank you to our partner G-Startup Worldwide. Sylwia’s wearing a dress by Kamila Dmowska and was styled by SV Creatives.

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