[S2,E3] Insights on growing Whale – the hot video Q&A app from Ranidu Lankage and Justin Kan


What seems like an overnight success was not! Ranidu Lankage and Justin Kan’s new video Q&A app, Whale, has received massive popularity since its late October launch on Product Hunt. Justin Kan is a well-known successful founder, who sold his previous startup Twitch for nearly $1B to Amazon! Recognizing that Snapchat’s format for Q&A left a lot of problems for social media followers, Justin Kan started his own library of recorded answers and sessions. Soon, he realized there’s a whole market of influencers and experts that could use this kind of technology!

In today’s episode, I speak with Ranidu Lankage, CEO of Whale. Ranidu shares stories about their early business ventures, his relationship with Justin in college, and their exciting plans for the future. Are you ready to jump into the minds of serial entrepreneurs? Well, get ready to work because these guys are not messing around!

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  1. Mark Rob

    Awesome talk! I’m a fan of Whale, glad to learn about Ranidu’s experience and the story behind the app. Thanks, Sylwia!


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