[S2,E7 Expert] What’s up with immigration visas for entrepreneurs? Is ‘startup visa’ coming back? – Joshua Bratter, the top startup immigration attorney.


Anybody really keeping up with the current immigration system?

Immigrants have founded 51% of the current top startups, yet visas are a huge challenge for everybody, who’s thinking of coming to the U.S. With the current Trump’s presidency, it’s even harder to navigate the current options.
Things are changing on a weekly basis. Some are largely discussed in the media and some are kept under the hood.

On this very special two-part episode I speak with the masterful Joshua Bratter, principal and head Immigration Attorney at Bratter PA. Mr. Bratter specializes in immigration visas for business, entertainment, science and athletics. He has successfully secured visas for Oscar and Grammy winners, artists, and the best entrepreneurs in tech. We at Valley Talks have seen him in action and no joke – he IS just KILLING it.

In PART I, we discuss obstacles and challenges in acquiring a business visa. Mr. Bratter clears the air about visa myths, the intricacies between B1 and B2, and the troubles of visas and social media.

What are the current visa options for entrepreneurs?
Which one is the easiest?
What are the ‘must-haves’ to be eligible for a visa?
What are the dos and don’ts on B1/B2 visa?
Will Startup Visa be back?
Is it harder now to get a visa?

If you’re curious about what’s up with the immigration visas for entrepreneurs, you simply have to watch this episode!

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