Top podcasts for startup founders

top-startup-podcastsPodcasts can be addictive. You start listening to one of them, and you end up searching for more and more, and soon you realize, that you haven’t listened to any music in your car for months!

Here is a list of podcasts I am listening to, and I really recommend each of them:

  • StartUp – My unquestionable number one. With the very first episode, I got totally addicted to it. StartUp is a peek under the skirts of how startups operate, how it is to raise money, what challenges are met when companies grow, etc. I already published a post about this podcast, the link is below. One of the latest episodes about raising money I listened twice.

    Also see: StartUp — Great podcast series that became a HIT

    Anyway, reviews, that they have on iTunes prove, that not only I am in love.

  • APM: Marketplace Tech – Daily 5-10min show with summary of technological and internet news from the last couple days. Great content with comments from experts and people involved in given cases. Ideal for the morning wake up 🙂
  • Crunch Report – Similar info as in Marketplace Tech, but even shorter and presented by TechCrunch video star – Sara Lane. Sara is amazing in interpreting everything, what she talks about and gives very accurate and entertaining comments. Podcasts are in the form of video, so you can either watch it or just listen. Thanks to Crunch Report and Marketplace Tech you can be sure to be informed about all current hot technological topics.
  • Startup School Radio – A great addition to the above guys! These are talk shows with startup founders hosted by one of the Y-Combinator partners – Alan Harris. They talk about the startup beginnings, good decisions, what mistakes were made, growth tactics. There is a lot of reference to Silicon Valley, woot woot! An alternative to StartUp podcast, since all the insight is presented within 30min of live talk.
  • Reply All – Again, a product of Gimlet Media. It is released weekly, on Thursdays. Each time hosts analyze a case, that is more or less connected to internet aspects. Each time in a very interesting, narrative way. I love the laugh of one of the hosts – PJ Vogt! It makes my day.
  • Radiolab – Popular American podcast, that touches all types of topics. Very well produced, high quality recordings. This is how they introduce themselves: “In the Radiolab world, information sounds like music, and science and culture collide.”
  • MashTalk – Friday highlight! About 1-hour talk show, where hosts deeply analyze and comment couple topics related to new technologies. Sometimes they largely discuss such trivia as hidden Snapchat features, and sometimes they deeply review a new tech gadget like new iPad Pro. Very cool show, that is nice to listen to in the background.
  • Other podcasts worth attention:
  • The Vergecast, Ctrl-Walt-Delete, Upvoted by Reddit, This American Life

    Do you know any of these podcasts? Or maybe you listen to different ones? If you know something worth recommendation, that is not on this list, please share it in comments!

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